I'm a designer, artist, and teacher in Chicago.

I work as an interaction designer for Uptake, a data analytics platform, where I help make data accessible and actionable so that people can do their jobs in the most efficient, enjoyable way possible.

I am also a huge advocate for revolutionizing education and ridding people of the "it's over my head" mindset - or the belief that the unfamiliar is impossible to learn.

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"Building with Creativity and Logic"
"What it means to be Al2O3Ne"
"Writing The Future Wrong: William Gibson and the success of his failures"
"Holographic Histories: Saving Chicago's only holography collection"
"The Only Thing That's Consistent is Sharing: An interview with Kyle McDonald"
"Open Curiosity, Open Source: The INST-INT art and tech conference"
"Startups Versus Astronauts: The current players in outer space exploration"
"Compasses Not Maps: The emergence of speculative design"
"Out of the lab and into the gallery"


Beginning Holography
Advanced HTML and CSS
Intro to HTML and CSS
Intro to 3D Modeling: Rhino
Video Game Design
3D Toy Design